Our Projects

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Our projects and research aims to change our understanding of mental health problems and improve the short and long term future of the nation's mental wellbeing.

We work across the full interconnected spectrum of severe mental illness, public mental health, happiness and wellbeing. Our research doesn't sit on dusty bookshelves - it's out there supporting practical solutions and changing minds.

Standing Together

Combatting isolation in sheltered/extra care housing

Creating Connections

We are working with a single parents’ charity to deliver self-management courses in Newport and Cardiff.

Young People with Long Term Conditions

We are delivering a project to improve the mental health and wellbeing of young people living with long term physical conditions.

MyLife, MyFuture

MyLife, MyFuture is an 18-month programme for young people aged between 10-18 who are either in care or care leavers and based in the London borough of Sutton.

Mapping dementia friendly communities across Europe

Mapping dementia friendly communities across Europe

Dementia and truth-telling

We are supporting a major new inquiry into our understanding of some of the most challenging and distressing symptoms of dementia.

Carer Peer Support Project (Mental Health)

This project aim to improve the quality of life for carers by developing and delivering a peer support model.

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Improving the mental wellbeing of asylum-seekers and refugees

The Mental Health Foundation has led a programme of work with minority communities in Scotland for almost a decade and with asylum seekers and refugees for over 5 years.

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Evaluation of an integrated residential model for people with complex needs

The aim of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of a new integrated residential service prototype model for people with complex needs, including people with forensic histories.

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The Homeless Mentally Ill Intitiative: a revisit

The Mental Health Foundation has been commissioned by St Mungo's to revisit the Homeless Mentally Ill Inititiative (HMII), launched in 1990 by the Department of Health.

Care Programme Approach
Service Users' Experiences of Recovery Under the 2008 Care Programme Approach

This project explores how effective service users find the 2008 Care Programme Approach in promoting recovery as they understand it. Based on its findings, recommendations for mental health professionals are proposed.

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Babies in Mind - Early Intervention in Sutton

We are working with parents in Sutton to help safeguard the mental health of at-risk children from birth through parenting support, advice and guidance.

Self-Directed Support Capacity Building Programme in Scotland

We and the Scottish Mental Health Cooperative have been jointly funded under the Scottish Government Self-Directed Support Capacity Building Programme to address capacity of the mental health third sector to support self-directed support.

Dementia Self-Help Project

This is a two year project in partnership with Housing 21 that involves setting up, facilitating and evaluating three self-help, peer-support groups for people suffering from dementia.

Lifelines: Evaluation of Mental Health Helplines

Mental Health Helplines Partnerships (MHHP) was the umbrella body for over fifty organisations offering helpline services to those with mental health needs. We independently evaluated the effectiveness of fourteen member helplines.

Age Well

Age Well was a project which set out to discover how the generation of people currently aged 55-65 can protect their mental health and wellbeing as they get older.

Indirect Payments

We investigated the practice of offering and administering direct payments for people who lack capacity.

Dementia Engagement and Empowerment Project

The Dementia Engagement and Empowerment Project (DEEP) collects information about all the important, inspiring and exciting UK activities, groups and projects that involve people living with dementia, influencing services and polices that affect them.

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Gardening Leave

Gardening Leave (GL) is a UK charity which aims to improve the mental and physical wellbeing of ex-service personnel using horticultural therapy in walled gardens. 

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Moving Minds

A project employing and supporting five people as part-time researchers - each of them have experience of long term mental health conditions and living in a low income area or being an asylum seeker or refugee.

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Evaluation of Music and Change

MAC-UK is a charity working with excluded young people who are involved in gangs, commit serious youth violence and/or exhibit antisocial behaviour. We evaluated their founding Music & Change project.

Economic burden of mental illness cannot be tackled without research investment

Mental health research investment is disproportionately low in relation to the relevant disease burden. We argue that in order to gain significant advancement in the understanding and treatment of mental illness, funding for research has to be increased.

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Pieces of a Jigsaw: Positive Mental Health at Work

We are reviewing the evidence base for promoting positive mental health in workplaces and piloting and evaluating this with employer partners.

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Evaluation of self-management training for people with severe and enduring mental health problems

The aim of this project is to assess the effectiveness of the self-management training programme, which was designed and delivered by service users in Wales.

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Work in Tune with Life

This pan-European initiative aims to promote mental health in workplaces.

Young Parents Project

We are working with Family Action and a Children's Centre in East London to run a peer support group for young parents.

Dementia Choices: Developing self-directed support in social care for people with dementia

Dementia Choices is a project that is supporting and promoting different forms of self-directed support, including direct payments, and personal budgets in social care for people living with dementia and family carers.

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Sleep Matters

The aim of this report is to raise awareness about the importance of sleep and how it is integral to our health, both physical and mental.

Right Here

Right Here was a five-year young people’s mental health and wellbeing programme developed and managed by Paul Hamlyn Foundation and the Mental Health Foundation; it ran from 2009 to 2014.

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Learning for Life: Adult Learning, Mental Health and Well-Being

Learning for Life is a learning on prescription programme that offered adult learning courses for people experiencing common mental health problems in Northamptonshire, which resulted in the Learning for Life report.

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Evaluation of the National Involvement Partnership

This project aimed to evaluate service user and carer involvement in the work of the National Mental Health Development Unit (NMHDU), as facilitated by the National Survivor User Network (NSUN).

MyCare - picture of young people
MyCare: The Challenges Facing Young Carers of Parents with a Severe Mental Illness

Young carers of parents with severe mental health problems are an overlooked and poorly served group. This project investigated the experiences and needs of young carers whose parent(s) with severe mental illness.

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Moving On Up

This project revealed barriers preventing patients with depression from accessing exercise on prescription. They include funding constraints, and that many GPs simply aren’t aware that exercise schemes are available in their area.

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Listen Up: Person-centred approaches to young people's mental health

Listen Up is the second phase of the Mental Health Foundation's six-year inquiry looking into the factors affecting children and young people's use and experience of accessing mental health services.

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Recovery & Resilience

This project explored the concept of recovery from the perspectives of Black and Minority Ethnic women through one-to-one interviews.

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Evaluation of the Choice and Partnership Approach in Child and Adolescent MH Services in England

We evaluated how clinical systems in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services teams across England had been implemented.

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Cherry Orchards Evaluation

This project involved the evaluation of a therapeutic community for people with mental health problems.

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Living Better

The Living Better project set up five local reference groups in Scotland to assess how existing services were addressing the mental health needs of people with long term conditions.

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Mental Health in Primary Care

In 2009/10 we conducted research with NHS Health Scotland to develop a course for primary care and community staff delivering Keep Well health checks.

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Patient Relevant Outcome Measures for use In Systematic Evaluation

This project aimed to find out which outcomes service users felt were most important to measure when evaluating the success of interventions.

Mainstreaming mental health
Mainstreaming Mental Health

We worked with local authorities in three areas of Scotland to create a programme to better promote mental health and encourage recovery.

Self-management in Parc Prison

This project runs self-management courses on mental health for inmates of the UK prison environment for the first time, at Parc men’s Prison, Bridgend in South Wales.

Rights, disability and dementia

We have been commissioned by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation for work around rights, disability and dementia.

Dementia Engagement with Nature

We are carrying out an extensive consultation with people living with dementia and family carers on their engagement with nature and outdoor activities.

Inciting Dialogue and Disruption in Dementia

We are providing support, involvement of people with dementia and publicity for this project, which is led by Edinburgh University.

Evaluation of Mental Capacity Assessment in England and Wales

This study evaluated the Mental Capacity Act, which came into force in 2007 to support vulnerable people to make decisions for themselves.

Learning the Lessons

A national evaluation of community-based services for people with interpersonal problems.

Self-Help and Isolation

We will set up and facilitate groups with for older people in extra care and sheltered accommodation.

Mental Health and Learning Disabilities

We work with our partner organisation, the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities, to work to improve access to mental health services for people with learning disabilities.