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We regularly campaign to raise awareness of issues affecting the nation’s wellbeing and to help people better manage their mental health.

We use our research and evidence to produce high quality information that helps people survive, recover from and prevent mental health problems as well as reduce the stigma associated with them.

  • We reach millions of people each year through the media and via events, information booklets and online resources
  • This website is used by close to 800,000 people every year, providing information on mental health issues and our work
  • We have distributed tens of thousands of publications and feature regularly in the media

We cover a whole range of issues - from fear and anxiety through to eating disorders and even sleep. We are committed to helping everyone better understand and manage their mental wellbeing.

Help us bring self-management to more people

We've helped hundreds of people to learn to self-manage their mental health conditions in a peer-support setting, and we need your help to do more of this work.

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Protecting Children's Mental Health

Did you know that half of all children who experience mental illness will go on to have mental health problems as adults too?

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Lights! Camera! ACTION!

The Lights! Camera! ACTION! campaign is led by service users and carers in Wales, focusing on ensuring the effective delivery of new mental health legislation and policy.

See Psoriasis: Look Deeper

Psoriasis can affect you emotionally as well as physically. We're partnering with the Psoriasis Association on a new campaign which looks beyond the physical aspects of psoriasis and acknowledges the bigger life impacts including emotional wellbeing.

Sleep Matters

Sleep has a huge impact on everyone's mental and physical health. Our campaign aims to raise awareness of this and provide sound, expert advice and support on how everyone can improve the quailty of their sleep.

Be Mindful

Mindfulness is a way to alter our feelings in positive ways and an expanding body of evidence shows that it works.

Research Mental Health

We are working together with the Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London and the help of scientists, academics, public figures - and you - to promote the importance of mental health research in the UK.

Taking the Wheel

A service user led campaign which aimed to empower people with a serious mental illness in Wales to take control of their lives and the services they receive.

Movin' On Up

A campaign aimed at maximising the opportunities provided by the Mental Health Measure, the Carers Measure and the Welsh Government’s new Mental Health Strategy.


We've launched a campaign this January to help everyone cope better with the physical and emotional effects of stress.

Teenage Mental Health: Peer Support in Schools Programme

This will be achieved by working with children to improve their understanding and use of self-help techniques including offering and receiving peer support,  and help and encourage them to seek early intervention to avoid mental health problems.

Young Mums Together

The Young Mums Together project aims to develop a group for young mothers that facilitates their access to mental health services and practical support.