Toby Williamson


Head of Development and Later Life

Toby leads on mental health in later life, dementia, and mental capacity, as well as project and policy work. Before joining the Mental Health Foundation, Toby worked in, and managed, community mental health services for people with severe and enduring mental health problems, drawing on his own experience of mental health difficulties to inform this work.

Toby’s areas of interest are in values, ethics, rights, social inclusion and user involvement, and he enjoys cycling into work from Crystal Palace.

Toby Williamson's blog

  • Published 13 November 2015
    I’m happy to be called a Luddite because they were trying to preserve their livelihood and identity in the face of industrialisation...applying 21st century speak, one could say there was a wellbeing thing going on with what the Luddites were trying to achieve.
  • Published 05 November 2015
    So here we are in Movember again. From their original focus on prostate cancer, the Movember Foundation now has work programmes on other aspects of men’s health, including mental health.
  • Published 06 August 2015
    Toby Williamson explores key aspects, and challenges assumptions about, mental health in later life...
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