Barbara McIntosh, Head of Children and Young People's Programmes

Image of Barbara McIntosh

Barbara has been appointed as Head of Children and Young People's Programmes across the Mental Health Foundation and Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities. In her role, Barbara ensures an even greater focus on this key group for both Foundations, influencing greater integration between the areas of mental health and learning disabilities.

Barbara previously worked as Co-Director at the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities from 2004-2011. She lead on consultancy covering service design, staff development, and service evaluation and has a particular interest in developing services for children and adults that are more collaborative and work in partnership with users, families and the third sector.

During her time at the Foundation, Barbara has developed a stream of work outside of the UK to improve learning disability services in Malta, Germany and Australia. Prior to joining the Foundation, Barbara spent 4 years as Co-Director at King’s College London University and 5 years as Project Manager at the King’s Fund, leading a national programme to improve community based opportunities and alternatives to day centres. Barbara was furthermore involved in the original working party at the Department of Health to launch the policy “Valuing People”.

Barbara holds a MSc in Health and Social Policy and a BA in Anthropology and Social Work. Her studies and written work on subjects of community based activities for people with learning disabilities, person centred planning, and the modernisation of current services have been extensively published and influential within the field of learning disabilities.

In addition, Barbara is the founder member of the Learning Disability Coalition, a board member for the National Advisory Council on Children’s Emotional Well Being and the Department of Education, chair of the Richard James Trust, trustee for HFT, and was the editor of Learning Disability Today from 2004 – 2008.